Manage Pain More Effectively

Reduce or Eliminate Suffering

Reduce Dependence
on Medications

Sleep Better

Regain Confidence and Peace of Mind

Covered by Many Insurance Plans

Created by Licensed Psychologists Who Have Specialized in Hypnotherapy and Pain Management for More Than 25 years.


Dr. Michael Samko, Ph.D.

These CDs were written and narrated by Dr. Michael Samko, a licensed psychologist who has practiced for more than 28 years and has studied hypnosis for more than 30 years. He trained extensively for four years with the legendary psychiatrist Dr. Milton Erickson who is recognized as the father of modern hypnosis.

Dr. Samko incorporates psychological techniques and soothing hypnotic imagery in these CDs.

For more information about Dr. Samko, please click here to visit his website.

  Turning Pain Into Serenity
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These CDs are designed to help listeners manage pain both physically and emotionally and to help them develop healthy sleep patterns. All three CDs use hypnotic principals with much attention given to the use of sound, voice, music and imagery. These hypnotic tools can create a relaxed, trance-like state that can help listeners become more receptive to positive suggestions and refocus their attention away from pain. Research has indicated that the use of clinical hypnosis and meditation can help manage pain.
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    CD 1 - Pain Management (Voice & Music)
CD 1 will help you learn to respond rather than react to pain. It takes you on a journey that can deeply relax you as well as teach you how to manage your pain in new ways. This CD helps defuse angry, tense and fearful emotional and physical patterns and can facilitate a serene state of mind, reducing suffering and developing a healthy attitude.
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    CD 2 - Improving Sleep Patterns (Voice & Music)
This CD is designed to address one of the most common and serious symptoms of chronic pain, which is sleep difficulty. Using hypnotic imagery and soothing sounds you are guided to let go and reconnect with healthy natural patterns of sleep.
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    CD 3 - Soothing Music (Music Only)
The third CD contains original music composed specifically to emulate the alpha waves and heart rhythms of the human body in order to help an individual relax and enter a meditative state or to sleep.
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